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wissenschaf(f)t leben - knowledge creates living science

w-fFORTE presents the varied life-worlds of women in the fields of technology and the natural sciences.

  • Views from work:
    w-fFORTE invites female scientists to send in photos from their workplace to publish them online: using their mobile or a camera, by email or mail. The aim of this campaign is to counter the idea of science taking place in an isolated and monotonous surrounding with authentic, colourful contrasting images. In many cases served with a dash of humour, the resultant photographic documentations amaze the observers: landscapes of bureaucracy on the desk, views of Cambridge skyscrapers, researchers in the Antarctic at minus 30 degrees Celsius or in the elephant national park in Kenya.
  • The printed work "Images of life by women in research and technology" presents 40 female researchers, inventors, company founders, freelance engineers and managers in technology and the natural sciences, including young researchers as well as experts in top-level management positions (only in German language available).
  • Experts' portraits (only in German language):
    Portraits of female inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs, managers, pioneers and freelance engineers delineate their careers and successes in a lively fashion. As role models they show how access barriers and archetypes can be overcome and that women can reach top-level management positions even in technology and the natural sciences. The female experts in question clearly show how varied, exciting and attractive scientific careers for women are today.
  • Under other projects you can find interviews, portraits and publications that contribute to making the research achievements by women in the technology and innovation system visible. They break up stereotypical ideas of women in research and technology and create contemporary images and roles with a signalling effect (only in German language).