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Career Benchmarking Tool

The career benchmark tool is an assistance tool for career planning. It focuses on female managers and researchers in technical-scientific areas.

The questionnaire was designed by Dr. Guido Strunk to be as suitable for job beginners as for senior experts. Absolutely anonymous treatment of your benchmarking test will be granted. It will take you about 15 minutes to go through the interview and the analysis of our tool.

Participants will be asked about their education, current job situation, career opportunities, as well as about support of their families. These answers will be compared within the target groups to gain results. The outcome will be provided online and immediately!


To the questionnaire


w-fFORTE developed the English version of the career benchmark tool in cooperation with WISE.


WISE is a project co-funded by the LEONARDO programme of the European Commission. Its main goals are to improve the working environment for women entrepreneurs in the ICT sector and to promote the entrepreneurial skills of women.